List of supplies and materials for this course

Please click on the “Materials” tab above and obtain the materials listed.  These will allow for the most complete participation in this course.

DNA extraction buffer
Teacher/Learning Coach may choose prior to class to prepare the DNA extraction buffer. In a container add 900mL water, then 50mL dishwashing detergent (or 100mL shampoo): , and finally 2 teaspoons salt. Slowly invert the bottle to mix the extraction buffer.

clear dish soap:

Student materials
1. Goggles or safety glasses:  Bulk option:
2. Non-latex gloves:
3. sealable sandwich bag:
4. 1-2 strawberries
5. Plastic cup or beaker:
6. Coffee filter:
7. Small bowl for trash
8. 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (chilled):
9. 250ml beaker (can also just use another cup)
10. Straw or tweezers