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Learning should be fun…

We should find fun in the discovery of things that grow us; that edify us; that evolve us toward God.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Courses are added regularly for the continued facilitation of student growth and development. Learning is a life-long endeavor in the evolution of all of our lives.

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I enjoyed it! It was cool seeing the different reactions and color changes!

(MOSA interactive virtual Hypothesis Lab)

Sis. Essence (Student at MUI NYC)

I really enjoyed it! It was fun trying to guess the color changes and everything!

(MOSA interactive virtual Hypothesis Lab)

Bro. Shahid (Student at MUI NYC)

“I loved it!!!” 

“I enjoyed it!”

(MOSA interactive virtual Hypothesis Lab)

Bro. Kareem; Sis. Saalihah (Students at MUI NYC)

Personally, I appreciate your challenging and inspiring our children to get excited about the Supreme Wisdom Lessons via this wonderful opportunity for them to put the Lessons into action.

(Course: Astronomy 101)

Sis. Dawn R. (Homeschool Parent)

I like the fact that you interact with your students so well.  You made me feel like I could do anything by the time I left your class.

Becca (Student)

Thank you so much for making class so engaging and fun for Gracie.  She always looked forward to your class!

Jennifer (Parent of a virtual-only student)

Thank you for always being a Source of Strength to me.  Your wisdom, helpfulness and depth of knowledge encourage and inspire me.

Jeff K. (Teacher)

You are the reason I love Science. You are a great teacher.  You made learning so much fun.  You were one of the most impactful teachers I have had.

Keiran (Student)

I want you to know that we all appreciate the effort you put into assisting us students.  You are a wonderful and very organized teacher… Thank you for the effort you put into our learning and lesson plan.

Katelyn  (Student)

The class was great!  The students that were in class in-person were engaged and having fun with each other as they came up with hypothesis’… this was a very special day for them!

Sis. Safiyyah  (Teacher – MUI NYC)

I’m thankful for Mr. Muhammad because he is a good, funny teacher.  He is one of my favorite teachers.

Ryan  (Student)

Thank you for teaching me so much about Science! I learned so much!

Cooper  (Student)

Having known Mr. Muhammad for the last seven years, I have found him to be a person of the highest integrity and dedication… He exhibits a sincere love for children and a concern for their academic success.

Dora C  (Principal)

Mr. Bobby Muhammad is a natural as a High School Curriculum and Instruction Coach.  He stepped right in and demonstrated his skills and expertise to be able to assist other teachers.

Linda  (Curriculum Coach)

Thank you for all your hard work over the years teaching and leading the Science department.  You did some amazing work…

Justin L  (Principal)

As Founder of Universal Companies and  [Universal Institute Chart School], I found Mr. Muhammad’s service to our school to be a valuable contribution toward our mission…

Kenneth Gamble  (Chairman of the Board)

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